Planning Underway for Summer Cafeteria Renovation

Marko Durovic, Staff Writer

The cafeteria is due for a complete renovation at the end of this school year.  A new commercial kitchen is going to be built, and the choral and instrumental music rooms will also be completely redone. The construction will not affect daily student life as only preparations will take place before the end of school.

“Basically, the footprint, the size, and the shape will stay the same, but the whole inside is going to be totally redone,” said vice principle Sharon Bartlett.

The construction will, however, disrupt the 2013-14 school year. “We will spend next year, and even perhaps the year after that with instrumental and choral music meeting in other places, and that will be a construction site,” Bartlett said. As the cafeteria won’t be operational, the food will be made at a different location. “Lunch will be prepared at Miramonte, and then brought over,” she explained.

When construction is complete, is will look “more like the CPAC,” according to Bartlett. Other than the visual upgrade, the complete piping and wiring will be redone.

The school also has plans for additional facility upgrades in the coming years. “The last step is the outside of the school. We will be redoing some landscaping and putting in new sprinklers and tiles around campus,” Bartlett said. Those changes, however, are a couple of years down the road.