Four New Titles Added to Course Offerings

Luther Kuefner, Staff Writer

4 new classes will be offered next year, including Yoga/Fitness/Pilates, Biotechnology, AP Art History, and Math Lab (also referred to as Math Intervention). In addition, 2 course will be returned to the curriculum: French 1 and Mandarin 3. Head Counselor Jenna Wrobel said, “It’s good for students to have exposure to new classes and experiences.”

The Yoga/Fitness/Pilates is set to be offered exclusively to juniors and seniors. According to the Acalanes Union High School District 2013-2014 Course Offerings packet, one goal of the class is to “harmonize the body, mind and spirit.”

According to PE teacher Chris Walsh, students will learn how to relax and reduce anxiety. “Yoga is a tool the students can actually use,” said Walsh. He also claimed there is “a lot of magic in Yoga.”

Campolindo is the only high school in the Acalanes Union High School District that will offer AP Art History. The course will be available to juniors and seniors. Social studies teacher Molly Kerr said, “This course will appeal to students with an interest in both history and the visual arts.” According to Kerr, it’s important to study art, architecture, and sculpture because it reflects the political, social, and economic time period in which it was produced.

AP Art History will cover world art, with an emphasis on western art. The course will also delve into the works of specific artists, from Michelangelo to Andy Warhol.

According to Biology teacher Jay Chugh, a regional occupation program, Biotechnology, will appeal to students who are interested in Biology. Prospective juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on, cutting edge labs and experiments, dealing with stem-cells, cloning, and genetically modified organisms. Chugh said, “People who want a non-stressful, college-level science class should take Biotechnology.”