Health Presentation Focuses on STD’s

Colette Wright, Staff Writer

Kaiser Permanente’s annual “Secrets” Assembly counseled students about safe choices regarding sexual relationships on Wednesday, January 23.

The “Secrets” story is about Eddie, a popular guy who has unprotected sex resulting in contraction of the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). He soon falls in love with Monica, a girl who is committed to abstinence. Eddie has to deal with the consequences of HIV and how this disease affects his relationships. At the end of the play, pamphlets providing hotlines and facts about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were passed out to the students.

Director Hannah Codero believes that the play provides essential knowledge to students. “We want students to know the facts because it can help a person deal with HIV, which could be lifesaving,” she said. Actors Jasmine Coesta and Natalie Koski both agree. “There are (sic) not enough education in schools for students about STD’s. We need them to be more aware,” said Coesta. Koski added, “We want to mostly update on STDs for students’ health and well-being.”

The play, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Hospital, has been performed for freshman at Campolindo for many years. The actors keep the play up to date by adding in pop culture references and common slang terms when referring to the topic of sexual relationships.

“Abstinence is 100% effective in terms of not transferring infections. Choices should be informed, well considered, and safe and healthy,” said Associate Principal Sharon Bartlett.

According to Bartlett, feedback from both students and teachers suggests the play was “well received.” Freshman Hannah Lefcourt enjoyed the chance to ask questions. “They provided a ton of information that was helpful for me to know. There was a good message portrayed that can help people out,” she said.

Freshman Gabby Thompson said, “I liked the whole play in general. It was really useful because it will prepare kids for the future and raise awareness.”

“Secrets” compliments the Health curriculum taught during the freshman Physical Education course.