Abridged Shakes Wraps Drama Semester

Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

The combined Drama 2 and Advanced Drama class participated in the Shakespeare Festival hosted by Acalanes High School on January 23.

According to senior Mina Arasteh, participants had to perform an abridged version of a Shakespearean play in 8 minutes with a group of 5 or 6 actors. Groups chose to present either A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, or Macbeth.

In addition to the time limit, performers were prohibited from using costumes and were allowed only 4 chairs to use as props.

The showcase-style event was performed in front of other drama students from Las Lomas, Miramonte and Acalanes.

Senior Maura Wood enjoyed the trip. “Overall, it was pretty exciting. We were all nervous because we only had a few weeks to prepare, but everyone was really accepting and didn’t mind if people made mistakes,” said Wood.

The Campolindo performers also received credit for their 1st semester final by participating in the project.

While most groups performed the pre-written script that had been provided to them, Arasteh’s group decided to write their own because the original “only included mechanics.”  The finished product “had a lot of movement and was fast paced,” explained Arasteh.

The festival was organized by the drama teachers at the 4 Acalanes District schools, according to Wood.