Club Watch: Chamber Readies for March Festival

Lindsay Wilson, Staff Writer

Chamber Music Club

The Chamber Music Club is preparing for the CMEA Music Festival in March, but don’t worry music-lovers, there is still time to apply! At this competition, clubs from different schools throughout the Bay Area are ranked based on their performance. The Chamber Music Club will also be busy volunteering this winter. They will play at retirement homes and hospitals through the “Measures of Joy” organization and are also organizing instrumental tutoring at Joaquin Moraga (JM). The exact times and dates for tutoring have not been finalized, but it will be held at JM. Hae-Lin Kim and Valerie Chiou, co-presidents of the Chamber Music Club, encourage music-lovers to join. According to Chiou, when they are not too busy volunteering and competing, they take time to relax, watch movies and do other activities related to music. Kim said, “If you like music and would like to meet people who share the same interests, come!” Meetings are held in the Band Room at lunch every Tuesday.

Science Club

After winning their first scrimmage on December 15 against local schools, the Science Club is preparing for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl in February and the National Science Bowl in April. Although the club is focusing on ocean-related sciences while practicing for the regional competition, they also learn about biochemistry, physics, earth, space, energy, and more. In prior years, the Science Club has won regionals and even participated in nationals. Members prepare for competitions by answering practice questions and occasionally listening to lectures on scientific subjects. Kevin Peng encourages students who enjoy science and academic competition to join. “Basically, by participating, you get to widen your knowledge by studying and learning new kinds of science. It gets kind of exciting to learn more and perform well in the competitions,” he said. Club meetings are held in D11 at lunch on Tuesdays.

Interact Club

This year the Interact Club is fundraising for the JF Kapnek Trust, which helps provide healthcare for children in Zimbabwe. The trust also funds the building of pre-schools and playgrounds, and provides medication and supplies to isolated communities. At their meetings, the Interact Club plans fundraisers and occasionally listens to speakers from the JF Kapneck Trust. Last year the club raised five hundred dollars for Sera, an organization that provides surgeries in third world countries for people who have cataracts. On December 22 and 23, the Interact Club will have a winter fundraiser at Whole Foods. From 3 to 7pm, members will be selling luminarias, decorative white paper bags with candles inside, to raise money for the JF Kapnek Fund. Emily Orwig encourages people to line their streets with luminarias because they are similar to Christmas lights. Club meetings are held in B9 every other Tuesday.

The Lorax Club

Even though the Lorax may not really exist, Campo’s Lorax Club is doing its best to live up to its name. At meetings, members brainstorm and talk about their goals, aspiring to become more environmentally aware citizens. This year the Lorax Club, Global Student Embassy (GSE) and Environmental Science Class are teaming up to improve Campo’s waste program through composting and recycling. Next semester, the Lorax Club will be restarting their “Re-Grow Campo” campaign, in which members plant flowers to brighten the campus and make its ecosystem healthier. Last year, the club planted flowers in the flower bed between A hall west and C hall west. Co-club president Nathaniel Miller implores freshmen and sophomores to join the Lorax Club. “We want to hear your ideas and what you have to say about this rapidly changing environment we live in,” he explained.  Miller said that members become “socially aware” by forging a better relationship with the environment. Meetings are held in B9 every Tuesday.