AcaDeca Rolls in District Tourney


Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

Academic Decathlon placed first at their 3rd district tournament on November 28th. The Campolindo team had the highest total score and collected the most medals out of all 4 schools attending the event hosted by Acalanes.

This tournament’s categories were Economics, Art, and Super Quiz, according to Geoffrey Ringlee. Every test was related to Russia, this year’s focus subject.

“I’m proud to say Campo did well,” said club advisor Paul Verbanszky. According to Verbanszky, 12 students from Campo won at least 1 ribbon. 3 students won ribbons in all 3 categories.

Junior Graham Wade, who is in the Varsity division, won 1st place in all 3 categories (Art, Economics, and Super Quiz). “It felt like a big accomplishment for myself,” he said.

Christopher Steefel, who is in the Scholastic division, won 1st place in Economics, 1st place in Super Quiz, and 3rd place in Art.  Junior Sarada Symonds, also in the Scholastic division, won 1st place in Art, 2nd place in Economics, and 3rd place in Super Quiz.

In preparation, participants read through packets on their own, presented the material to the rest of the club, and played jeopardy, according to Christopher Steefel.

According to Verbanszky, the club meets 2-3 times after school, on weekends, and at lunchtime. Some students, including Wade, study with other people on their own time as well. “In many ways, a decathlete does as much work for AcaDeca as if it’s an AP class,” said Verbanszky.

Verbanszky believes they will do well at the next round.”At this point, it looks very promising.” The county tournament will be held in March.

The team has not always done so well. According to Ringlee, they started winning district and county tournaments two years ago. Verbanszky said the change in performance is due to “student dedication, intellectual curiosity, and food at meetings.”