Student Volunteers Help Hacienda Oktoberfest Fund-Raiser


Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Moraga’s Annual Oktoberfest Party was held at the Hacienda building on October 14. The event featured food, activities for children, and live music. It serves as one of the primary fundraisers to keep the Hacienda, a historic and popular community building, in good condition.

Some students helped to preserve the Hacienda by volunteering at the festival.

“It is important for Campolindo students to volunteer at events like these because they help us to be more involved in the community,” said senior Rachel Riddle, who volunteered by serving food. “They bring the community closer together, and as students we get to meet people in our community who we normally wouldn’t,” she added.

Riddle is the current Vice President of the Leo Club, which provided several volunteers for the festival.

Along with the annual Cinco de Mayo party, Oktoberfest is one of two fundraisers for which all proceeds go directly to the Hacienda Foundation. According to its website, the mission of the foundation is to “enhance, preserve, and protect” the Hacienda building.

The building, which was built in 1916, has been an important part of the community ever since its construction. “The building currently serves as the town’s community center,” said Moraga’s Parks and Recreation Director Jay Ingram. Events and classes are regularly held at the Hacienda as well. “Not only does this event help to preserve the Hacienda, but it also serves as a social venue for people to gather and have a good time in a beautiful setting,” Ingram noted.

According to Judy Dilke, organizer of the event and founder of the Hacienda Foundation, over 500 people were expected to stop by the party throughout the night. “It is important that our community comes together for fun events like this to have a good time, eat good food, and most importantly, preserve this building,” Dilke said.

“I was more than happy to help out at Oktoberfest,” said junior Christina Beck, who served food at the festival. Beck got her first taste of the festival freshman year through the German Club. Although she is no longer a member of the club, Beck returned to donate her time.

Junior Jason Hoffman and his soccer team, The East Bay Eclipse, also volunteered at the event. “Community events have a way of bringing everyone together and making everyone feel a part of something,” Hoffman said. “It’s really important that Campo students give back to our community and help make it better,” he explained.