Library Improvements Completed

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

The first round of renovations on the library have been completed.
Throughout the process students and teachers alike were frustrated with the constant noise and disruption. Librarian Carol Ries said, “It’s great to have it quiet again.”
During the first 5 weeks of the school year classes were often interrupted by the loud banging and other noise from workers’ tools.  Construction areas were roped off, which meant students lost places to sit at lunch. For a time, the study zone in the front of the library was also closed.
“I’m happy that it’s finally over,” sophomore Amy Weinstein said. “People can have the space in front at lunch again, and they can concentrate in class without the noise.”

However, most  of what was done kept the comfort of the students in mind, with the fixes being made to make the building more habitable for students in harsher weather.

For example, the roof was insulated to prevent fluctuations in temperature, which was useful during the recent heatwave. Also, screens were added to the windows “to stop the sun from blasting through,” said Ries.

One of the major improvements was the removal of dry rot, found during initial construction. Also, leaks found in the book room have been plugged.

A second phase of construction is slated to begin during the spring semester, focusing on the multi-use building, choral and band rooms, and kitchen. Most of the renovations will be done to the interior of the structures.

Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett said, “I think we will forget the pains of construction long before we stop appreciating being dry and warm over the winter.”

The funding for the project was received from the last bond measure, according to Bartlett. Specific projects that require funding can be requested. The money that is obtained must be used on the job that was put on the ballot. If the ballot is approved, then the school raises the revenue from a share of local taxes.

The funds were received from the Acalanes Union High School District’s Measure E initiative, passed in 2008. It passed with about 63% of the vote, said a press release published by the AUHSD on their website.