Underclass Top Tier Honored

Natalie Bunting, Staff Writer

Top tier underclassmen received accolades during the annual awards ceremony, held this year after school on May 14 in the library.

Awards were distributed to 59 students in English, Foreign Language, Math, Physical Education and Health, Science, Social Studies, Learning Skills, Visual and Preforming Arts, and Vocational Education. Teachers nominated students based on their academic achievements in the class, according to History teacher Lisa Herzig.  However, only a select few are eventually chosen as award winners.

According to Herzig, the students selected for awards have “been a little unpredictable.”  She recommended four students, two from each of her History classes, but only one received an award.

Freshman Sarah Sweeney said, “I feel honored that they would pick me.”

Sweeney believed that it was important to “work hard and definitely give your best effort, stand out in class and give it the extra mile because the award is for those who contribute.”

Junior Joey Lederman received an award in AP Biology, which is his favorite class.  He said, “I like science in general.  It’s what I would want to major in.”

“I’m like the go-to person [when people don’t know the answer to a question],” Lederman explained.

Junior Merinda Zywicz, Advanced Art Honors Award recipient,  said that although “I don’t have the most pure talent I work hard, and I do what the teacher tells me to do.”

Herzig said she considers multiple factors when nominating students.  She explained, “I look at performance; I consider participation; I consider interest in the subject,” as well as the student’s attitude. She recognizes a student who “works hard, demonstrates creativity and interest and takes risks in participation.”  Herzig also urges students to ask questions.