Demonstration Speeches Build Confidence


Mary Orders, Staff Writer

Students are preparing and presenting demonstration speeches in Charla Powell’s freshman English class throughout the month of May. These demonstration speeches help students practice public speaking, an endeavor that requires several specific skills.

Freshman Raisa Reyna said the students have to teach the class how to do something; for example, how to cook or even how to set up a table.

Freshman Anya Morril said, “I thought it was a very educational experience doing the speeches.” Freshman Annie Loose agreed, adding, “I became more confident in my public speaking abilities after I gave my presentation.”

The students were allowed to pick virtually any appropriate topic to share. Loose taught the class how to make graveyard cupcakes. She said, “It was a killer time.”

Loose said it was fun to get the class involved in the speeches. Loose prepared by making thirty six cupcakes for her class. She coped with her nerves by practicing in front of her family.

Morril taught the class “how to treat a woman right.” During Morril’s speech she had volunteers from the audience go on dates for which she provided scripts. At the end of each speech she asked the other students what the couple did wrong and what they did right.

Acorrding to Morril the students were given one day to work on their research and speech making in the library, and the rest was done on their own time.