Drama “Flashes” Talent in Surprise Scenes


Mary Orders, Staff Writer

Jaimie Donahoe’s drama students have been and will continue to put on “flash productions” throughout the month of February. A flash production occurs when three to four  drama students unexpectedly walking into a classroom and perform a dramatic scene. These skits are part of an assignment for the Drama course.

Donahoe said he has his students do this because he likes the idea of pushing his actors, but having fun while doing it.

Senior Aja Adair preformed a scene from the play The Power and the Glory with Mina Arasteh in Petro Petreas’s fifth period calculus class. The scene portrays two women in a glass elevator, looking down at a crowd of people who are, it turns out, look up the women’s skirts. “It was a little awkward but not too bad,” Adar said.

Math student Cameron Goldbeck said, “It was interesting. At first I was really confused and then we were all pretty drawn in.”

Donahoe contacts the teacher before they come in to the class, but it is complete shock to the kids. The productions contains two actors, one card holder, and the director. Donahoe is not present in the room. He said he trusts his actors.

The students use dramatic skills like “projection, inflection, and they must be committed to their characters,” Donahoe explained. He also said they must become accustomed to a new environment, be ready to set up and start acting quickly.  The activity also forces the actors to be more intimate with their audience.