Show Goes on for Winter Choir Concert

Tristan Caro, Opinion Editor

New choir teacher Mark Roberts conducted his first winter concerts on December 13th and 15th. The CPAC was crammed full of students, parents, and teachers as the concert began. The choir sang holiday songs, including “Noel, Noel,” “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,” as well as “Simply Gregorian,” “Al Shlosha D’Varmim,” and “African Noel.”

In choosing the music, Roberts’ goal was “to create a diverse and intriguing program of different styles, cultures, and languages.” Many songs were performed in foreign languages and had unique historical backgrounds. “I want to use songs that teach… rhythm, historical event or style,” said Roberts.

Roberts tries to create a unified group, instead of focusing on individuals. “The goal is that we are uniting towards a common goal, similar to athletes,” he explained. Freshman Christopher Wilson, a member of men’s chorale said, “It’s great to be in the environment with Roberts.” This is Wilson’s first year doing choir.

Fellow singer, freshman Scott Chen, tore a muscle during a basketball game only days before the performance. While it was difficult, Chen still went up on stage. “It was hard getting up the steps with crutches, and walking to the CPAC was difficult,” he said.

Chen is proud of his section. “We did a lot better than expected. We didn’t expect that we would do well because we goofed off a lot in class, but we did,” said Chen.

Roberts recognized Chen for his endurance. “I was really proud that he performed,” he said.

The concert, performed on December 13th and 15th, gave each section a second chance to perfect their song. Roberts was “fantastically proud.”  He said,  “the students performed really well,” and that “the second show reduced nervousness.”

Pianist Paul Caccamo played for the majority of the presentation.  He also played bongo drums during “African Noel.” Caccamo is a regular accompanist for Campo’s music programs.