Music Concert Features “Envy”

Natalie Bunting, Staff Writer

The symphonic band and orchestra presented their annual fall concert, featuring the world premiere of Junior Luther Kuefner’s song “Envy” on Thursday, November 17.

Kuefner originally composed his song last spring in AP music theory.  He had “never envisioned it as an orchestra piece,” as he initially wrote it for two violins.

In remembrance of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the symphonic band played “September” by Michael A. Mogenson.

This year, the band and orchestra have more new members that usual; Though, according to music director and conductor Harvey Benstein, “Every year is a rebuilding year because we have new members in every organization.”

Kuefner said, “we lost a lot of seniors that contributed positively to the group.”  However, the new freshmen were able to adapt to the level of playing.

Benstein recognized the level of commitment among his students: “They give up their own time; they give up their lunch hours” to put on the concert.  He said,  “The unique thing about the music program is it is interdependent.  The person who isn’t carrying their weight takes away from everyone else.”

Junior Kyle Chan said the performing students “developed the maturity” needed to produce the show.  He was “proud” of the orchestra and believes the group has a lot of potential.  Chan is the first chair violinist in the orchestra.

The nine song production included “Chanson and Bouree,” “Heaven’s Valley” and “Thematic Variations on Dona Nobis Pacem” played by the concert band. “Down a Country Lane” and “Tres Viejos Aires de Danza” were played by the orchestra, and “The Sinfonians” and “El Retiro, Bambuco” were played by the symphonic band.