What Your Loard’s Order Says About You

Juniors Gracie Doane and Alissa Flett enjoy their sweet treats from Moraga’s beloved ice cream shop, Loard’s.

Whether it be an after school treat or a post-game reward, the ringing bell upon opening the door to Loard’s Ice Cream is a familiar sound to many Campolindo students. But a haphazard point to a flavor through the display case is more than just a preference – it is indicative of one’s personality.

Chocolate Showers: Although a Loard’s staple, anyone who orders this flavor is most definitely a freshman and is, quite frankly, boring. You are the most stereotypical Campo student ever: going to football games every Friday, ordering chocolate muffins at brunch, and leaving every class period to get hot chocolate during Mr. Macy’s holiday party.

Chocolate Mint: Anyone who orders this flavor is superior. Not only does this flavor satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is also very refreshing no matter the season. However, a true fan knows that the best mint chip ice cream doesn’t have food coloring.

Mocha Chip: Whoever orders this most likely resorts to bringing cinnamon-flavored gum to school in hopes of deterring people from asking for a piece. These people go to the Starbucks drive-through every morning because they are addicted to coffee and adamant that caffeine won’t stunt their growth.

Bubble Gum: Bubble Gum fanatics are by definition extroverted and always happy. They are most likely in Leadership and get in trouble for talking in class. They are also probably a cheerleader and get to school 30 minutes early just to flex their Jeep in the senior lot.

Peppermint: Whoever likes Peppermint undoubtedly listens to Christmas music all year round and organizes a Secret Santa for their friend group. They always have good breath due to their addiction to Peppermint gum, and unlike the Mocha Chip lover, is willing to share it with whoever asks.

Cookies N Cream: Anyone who likes this flavor most likely has a food locker and brings a blanket to school. They prefer Nation’s Cookies N’ Cream milkshake but will settle for Loard’s on occasion. They probably ride the bench on their sport’s team as a senior and get kicked out of the library for eating vending machine snacks.

Rocky Road: Rocky Road fans are spontaneous and the life of the party. This person always forgets to sign up for Academy and spray paints the Moraga rock at every opportunity. They are also terrible at parking and have gotten at least 5 speeding tickets.

Butter Brickle: Whoever likes this flavor is always absent and leaves Canvas emails on read. However, Butter Brickle lovers come in handy during Halloween as they will always trade for the Butterfingers no one wants.

Double Dutch: This flavor is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who orders this either really likes chocolate or wants to die before the age of 30. This person is really intense and somehow always gets the teacher to round up their B+ to an A- at the end of the semester.

Strawberry: The person who orders strawberry still acts like a 5-year-old and will throw a temper tantrum if they get a bad grade. They are the overachiever: take 10 APs, run a million clubs, and check the College Board website every 10 minutes to see if their SAT got canceled.

Green Tea: You are a very chill and down to earth person. You probably get 10 hours of sleep every night and don’t sweat the small stuff in life. Your favorite class is Yoga and want to go to UC Santa Cruz for college.

Kookie Dough: Whoever orders Kookie Dough probably wasn’t allowed to eat cookie dough as a child because their parents worried about salmonella, so now they are rebelling by ordering this. Regardless, this is a solid flavor and is even better as a milkshake.

Vanilla: Everyone calls you basic, but in reality, you enjoy the simple and refined aspects of life. You liked the freshman year Romeo and Juliet unit a little too much and desperately want to go to a small liberal arts school on the East Coast.

Ube: Anyone who orders Ube is really creative but gatekeeps all of their favorite songs. If you can’t pronounce the name correctly, then don’t even bother ordering it.

Rainbow Sherbert: The person who orders Rainbow Sherbet is super relaxed and spiritual. They probably are really into astrology and do manifestations every night. They spend obscene amounts of money on crystals claiming that it will realign their chakra.

Pistachio: Anyone who likes Pistachio lacks basic hygiene and didn’t change out of their PE clothes freshman year. They always snack on Trail Mix during brunch and have at least 40 tardies to which they refuse to go to after school detention for.

Brownie Nut Fudge: You probably convinced yourself that you had a nut allergy when you were younger and recently discovered that you don’t. Your mom packs your lunch every day, and you were in Calc BC as a freshman.

Pumpkin: This person likes Thanksgiving way too much and has a compulsion to buy every single fall-themed candle at Bath and Body Works. They wear Uggs and a beanie the second the weather gets below 70 degrees.