Rave Allows Virtual Viewing Parties

Mia Jay, Staff Writer

Those craving social interaction during the current shelter-in-place can download a free app called Rave, which allows people to watch full-length movies or series episodes “virtually” together. Just sign in, invite a friend, and voice chat or text on the split screen-option during the viewing.
Here are La Puma’s recommendations for shows to checkout using the Rave app.

The Classic Binge-Worthy TV Shows:

A 10-season ’90s sitcom for people who want a laugh, or just enjoy looking at season 2 Chandler. The series has many “How Well Do You Know…” quizzes if you want to have fun testing yourself during or after you watch. A classic that never gets old, now is the time to tune in and recall your favorite Friends quotes. Unfortunately, this show was recently taken off of Netflix, but you can watch on Xfinity, TBS, and other platforms.

The Office
An early 2000’s show about the staff of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. After viewing, you may be tempted to make a parody of the show at home with your family and post it on TikTok. I know I’ve always wanted to do Jim’s side glance.

Parks and Recreation
Another beloved show that is easy to binge. With 7 seasons and 1 Chris Pratt, it has plenty to offer. Created by the same team who brought us The Office, many people think of Parks and Rec as an unofficial spin-off.

The Slightly Obscure, But Still Popular TV Shows:

That 70’s Show
Made in the ’90s, it follows the lives of 6 high schoolers during the ’70s. Hilarious, it is notable for introducing celebrity couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Vampire Diaries
Not just another manifestation of the early 2000’s vampire-fever, it follows the adventures and struggles of the supernatural population of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Vampire Diaries has 2 spin-offs, The Originals and Legacies that also became very popular. So the 1st series must be good, right? (Hint. The answer is YES)

This is a raunchy, drama-comedy about a dysfunctional family in Chicago. While not light-hearted, the show portrays real situations in a way that is fun to watch, complete with sarcastic and witty comments from the characters.

The New, Popular Netflix Shows:
With 2 seasons completed, it’s a series about a creepy man named Joe (or Will, depending on the season) and his pursuit of women. With its twisted plot and guaranteed goosebumps, it will remind you to watch out for creeps and to close your drapes!

Sex Education
A funny British coming-of-age show about highschoolers and the poor sex education provided by their school. With adorable characters that you watch grow and learn, this is 1 of the most-watched new shows on Netflix.

The Circle
It portrays the authenticity deficit of social media as well as the true friendships and connections that can be born online through a competition to become an influential social media icon. The players are all isolated in their apartments throughout the competition, so if you want any ideas for dealing with social distancing boredom, this show is perfect for you.

Bingeable Movie Series:

Harry Potter
A series that many people have already seen and is based on books that many have read. When was the last time you watched all the movies in order? They are all currently available on Xfinity.

Star Wars
The world of Star Wars has had many new additions recently. You can look online for a timeline and watch all of them in order, or if you’re lazy, like me, you can just watch them all in the order that they were made. These are available on Disney+.

The Avengers
The Marvel Universe has also expanded over the last few years, and, with the release of Endgame, some story lines have been wrapped up. Now we can go back and watch them all in order. Some of these movies are available on Netflix, and the others are available on Disney+ and Xfinity.

Feel-Good Movies:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
A classic from the 80s that’s perfect for this time of sequestration. Enjoy living vicariously through Ferris on his day off as a senior in high school.

Grown Ups
The best movie to watch if you want a laugh. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Salma Hayek are just a few of the many actors and actresses that make this movie great. It is available on Xfinity.

Frozen 2
A great option for viewing with the family, it has been released ahead of schedule on Disney+ in response to the shelter-in-place guidelines.