Soph Spends Summer at Chicago Dance School

Halley Campo

Halley Campo

Jensen Rasmussen , Staff Writer

Sophomore California Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) dancer Halley Campo spent 3 weeks of her summer break dancing at The Joffrey Ballet’s audition-only summer intensive program in Chicago, Illinois. 

Campo decided to audition for the summer intensive in January during the school’s nationwide audition tour. The audition included dancers ranging in age from 12 to 21, along with those auditioning for trainee positions, which are similar to apprenticeships. Campo said, “I was really intimidated because the summer intensive audition was combined with the trainee audition, so there were a lot of really talented people there.” 

Campo is known for her enthusiasm. Fellow CAPA dancer, junior Lindsay Scarpitti, said that Campo is a “really fun person to be around in class because she’s focused and motivates people around her to do better.”

The summer intensive had a rigorous schedule, with 6 hours of dancing each day. “We had really long days but we weren’t getting burnt out,” Campo said.

The program provided Campo with opportunities to learn both in and out of the studio. “I got stronger technically, and also, it’s really useful to be able to experience being in a professional environment. I learned what I could expect dancing professionally and how to live alone and be self sufficient,” said Campo.

Jonathon Chapdelaine, a dancer who also attended the summer intensive with Campo, found her to be a positive influence in the studio. “She was the first person I would look to when I had a spare second or when we had partnering class. She was a person that really made Joffrey an amazing time,” said Chapdelaine.

“I would definitely go back; it was a really great program,” said Campo.