New Sinkhole Opens at Rheem


Sebastian Fojut, Staff Writer

Approximately 500 feet from where a sinkhole opened up at the intersection of Rheem Blvd. and Moraga Road in late 2016, another fracture has appeared.  This latest sink hole opened on April 6.

The sinkhole, which was initially 4 feet by 2 feet, has since grown wider, according to the East Bay Times.

Many in the Moraga community remember to extent to which the previous sink hole and the work done to prepare it created traffic problems and limited pedestrian access at the intersection, which is a critical hub. “We obviously need to fix it before it gets too big,” said sophomore Mia Castillo.

The East Bay Times also reports that upon sending down cameras, it was discovered that the pit extends 500 feet underground.

“I hope they can get this one fixed faster than the last one,” said sophomore Caterina Dunbar.

According to Assistant Civil Engineer of Moraga Public Works Sharon Chan, the likely cause of the sinkhole is a damaged utility. “The next step is to see what the damage to the utility is, repair it, and re-pave the area,” said Chan.

As of now, the only closed road is the right turn lane off of Center Street. “Depending on the amount of damage we may have some more closure, but it may very well be contained to the private parking lot,” Chan said.

“I already leave early to compensate for the morning traffic,” said senior Lauren Landry. “I don’t know how students can possibly make it to school on time if we have to take some detour.”

According to Chan, the sinkhole may have been triggered by the same corroded storm drain that caused the precious cavity.

“I can’t believe this problem is occurring again,” said Dunbar. “This feels like regular maintenance that is just being neglected.”

Public works is currently planning repairs. “We don’t know if it is going to get worse,” said Chan. There is no way to predict the repair time until Public Works finalizes its assessment of the damage.