Club Cleans Crissy Field Beach Front


Amanda Young, Business Editor

The Ocean Club visited Crissy Field in San Francisco to clean the beach and surrounding area on December 15.

The club, which is led by sophomores Isabella Bartos and Jessica Darfler, aims to educate people on the amount of pollution in the ocean and how that affects the marine life.

Club members elected to visit Crissy Field, according to Bartos. “My co-president and I tried to pick places that were nearby so that we wouldn’t have to commute very far, and Crissy Field was 1 of those options,” she said.

Participants met at the CPAC at 9:00am on Saturday to carpool to Crissy Field and cleaned the beach for about 2 hours before stopping for lunch and returning to campus by 2:00pm.

“It was super fun. I loved it,” said club member sophomore Ellie Olson. “It was cool because you get to help the environment but you’re also on the beach, which is everything great in 1.”

“I thought it was really fun and it was cool that we were kind of helping our community,” agreed sophomore club member Sarah Downing. “I think [it’s important to do this] partly so that we’re helping our local community but then also so that we can think about that sort of stuff, like how we can help and how [the community] needs help.”

According to Olson, the club was successful because the “beach is now 18.2 pounds lighter than it used to be of trash,” she said.

Bartos said that she and Darfler created the club because they wanted to do their part in collecting waste from their favorite beaches.”I’ve always loved going to the beach on vacations, and it always relaxes me, so it’s really troubled me that people litter on the beaches and pollute it so that they aren’t as beautiful as they can be,” said Bartos.

“Just throw your stuff away,” said Downing. “Just don’t throw it anywhere. Recycle and compost, and put stuff in the trash can.”