Movie Club Supports Rheem Theater


Gracie Woidat, Staff Writer

The Movie Analysis Club viewed the 1st Harry Potter film in room C14 during lunch on November 1-2. The club welcomed new members with an abundance of snacks and drinks and collected donations for the Rheem Theater.

By hosting fundraising events, the club is helping the Rheem Theater, which has been closed and re-opened multiple times over the past few years due to budget cuts. “Over the summer the Rheem Theater was closed down and I was really sad because it’s our local theater, and I can remember going there my whole life,” said club president Mia Jay.

“I think it’s a very nice idea, helping out a local business,” said club adviser Ed Willy.

The movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was chosen a few weeks ago by a majority vote on the club’s Instagram account, where club announcements are made. “For our first movie chosen, we wanted to have a vote in order to interact with new members, and we decided to go with a Halloween theme,” said Jay.

The movies chosen are often movies that are prominent in cinematic history. “[Harry Potter] has been a very large and influential part of the cinematic culture over the last 10 years,” said Jay. “Many students such as myself can remember the movie being a huge part of our childhood.”

“We’re movie fiends, so we just want to let students watch what they wanna watch, and share their favorite movies with other people and to just have a bonding experience.” said club co-vice-president Eshna Sarkar. After the movie, club members often discuss their thoughts about the film. 

Club member sophomore Katie Stohmeyer said, “I couldn’t eat the snacks because I had a cross-country meet later, but I still enjoyed the meeting because it was Harry Potter and I love Harry Potter, and I could also do my English homework so it was very chill… I think the club is going to be really fun.”