Broken Bone Doesn’t Slow Artist


Claire Mueller, Staff Writer

Multitalented senior Victoria Andersen, even with just one good arm, does not limit herself to a single artistic platform.

“She produces a lot of work, so probably 2-3 assignments to everyone else’s 1. It’s usually very high quality, and she experiments a lot, both subject matter-wise and technique. She can go from colored pencil to collage to print making to texture.” said Art teacher Jill Langston.

Andersen has pursued art for a number of years. “I’ve just always done art as a kid, and my mom signed me up for classes at the Lafayette Art Studio in 5th grade, and that’s when I started to get really serious about it. I try to do pieces that are very personal to me instead of just trying to copy an image or something like that,” said Anderson.

Andersen’s friend, senior Abigail Burns, attributes the growth in Andersen’s artistic talents to her level of commitment. “She puts so much effort into everything she does, and her art skills have definitely shown that. They always have.” said Burns.

In spite of unexpected physical challenges, Langston is confident in her star pupil’s ability to produce an impressive breadth of work. “For independent portfolio, you need to at least 30 pieces by the end of the semester, and even though Victoria just broke her arm, I really believe that she’ll make it.” said Langston. Anderson has so far finished 16 works out of the 30 she needs to complete.

Burns also predicts Andersen will make the deadline. “Most definitely, she’s so talented and even in class she’s painting and drawing even though her arm is broken.”

Andersen usually paints from the heart, letting her interests fuel her artistic pursuits. “I pull ideas that are from experience or from something I’m really into. For example, this year for the election I did this eagle in pen and ink, and it says ‘Freedom’ on it. It’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done so far. I’m very into colorful stuff, and I don’t really have a style. I do have certain mediums that I like, like pen and ink and acrylic on cardboard. I like some of the modern pop surrealism that’s in museums nowadays.”

Langston wants Andersen to settle on a few mediums for 1 of her classes. “She works with lots of different mediums, which is unusual for a student. She likes to play with different kinds of textures and is always trying out new things. Students usually lock into 1 or 2 mediums they’re comfortable with, and because she feels comfortable in a bunch of different mediums, she’s not locked in, and that’s something she needs to get better at for the AP, but just for AP. She can kind of do it all.”

Beginners usually stick to 1 or 2 mediums, but Anderson has surpassed the standard.

Andersen hopes to use her artistic talent in a fashion career. “I have applied to one school, Savannah College of Art and Design, but I would be going for fashion though. I’ll be doing a bit of both art and fashion in the future because in my fashion, I’d be doing my own prints, so that involves coming up with your own patterns and your own fabrics. My art and fashion will go hand-in-hand,” she explained.