Military Legacy Inspires Timmons


Maya Jenn, Staff Writer

Senior Patrick Timmons has accomplished part of his dream of becoming a military fighter pilot. On September 30, at the age of only 17, Timmons earned his pilot license, which means he can fly himself and passengers anywhere in the world.

“My goal is to become a pilot in the military and the license will allow me to help achieve that goal,” said Timmons.  

Since his childhood days, Timmons’ father, a military pilot himself, has been his role model. Timmons dreams of going into the Navy. Timmons comes from a unique family where several generations on his father’s side of the family have been involved in the Navy or airforce.

Timmons hopes to attend the United States Naval Academy, which is located in Annapolis, Maryland and has an acceptance rate of just 7.9%. He said, “It is a very difficult school to get into; however, the things that I have accomplished in my academic resume qualify me because I have done everything I can to set myself up to get in.”

Timmons is also an aviation photographer as well as one of the few triplets at Campolindo. Of his interest in aviation, his sister Elizabeth Timmons, said, “It’s definitely unique. I mean it’s kind of crazy but I do think it’s cool since it’s a passion of his and a lot of times, you don’t see people pursuing a passion especially something that could lead up to a career so early.”