Chamber Singers Perform at Dessert Showcase

Rachel Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Chamber singers provided an a cappella experience in the CPAC last Thursday, starring soloists including seniors Andy Grubbs, Katie Marino, Ben Thomas, and Anna Magidson, along with juniors Holly Hilton and Adrienne Bengtsson.

The energy continued after the show with desserts and drinks in the cafeteria.  The annual show is sometimes attended by former choral students.  “It depends on where I go to college next year, but if I’m around town I’ll definitely come back,” said senior Lizzie Mediati.

Chamber singers prepared intensively for about three weeks with Mark Stover, who flew out from Minnesota to direct the show. Unfortunately, Stover could not make an appearance on Thursday evening.

Stover taught each song in individual parts by ear –no pre-written music or lyrics are involved. The singers were also required to memorize the whole set list without sheet music

Keeping the beat were seniors Josh Grupe and Maddie Larson on vocal percussion.  This vocal technique is studied by all the performers, and the best are featured behind the microphone during some of the songs.

The following day, chamber singers performed the same arrangement in an extended third period assembly. The yearly showcase included no instrumental accompaniment; the singers provided a cappella accompaniment for the soloists.