Taliban Crisis Prompts Fundraiser for Afghan Women

Afghanistan movie fundraiser featuring Pixars Soul.

Kayla Barker

Afghanistan movie fundraiser featuring Pixar’s Soul.

Campolindo Leadership is hosting an ongoing fundraiser to help Afghan Women and Children as the Taliban invaded the country, which started on August 23 and is meant to continue indefinitely.

Leadership sold bracelets for $5 in the quad, raising around $400 so far with 200 individual sales.

The fundraiser was prompted by the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, who have a history of human rights abuses against women and minorities.

“There’s some pretty harsh stuff going on in Afghanistan. The Taliban took over, and people are trying to escape. We’re doing a fundraiser that’s going to… Afghan women, which is going to try to help out some of the Afghan women that are there to try to make sure that they aren’t killed by the Taliban,” said Association Student Body (ASB) Director of Philanthropy senior Ally Loyet.
A movie night fundraiser was originally planned for August 27, however, due to smoke from the ongoing fires and the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, it was postponed for a later date.

“It’s important for Campo to support Afghanistan because we have the means to, and we… [are] able to help them and donate to causes,” said senior Gianna Giodiorno. “We [were] supposed to have a movie night that got cancelled because of smoke and it will be postponed. And there are going to be donations, maybe selling bracelets and then also petitions to sign,” she added.

“We really want to focus on cultivating an inclusive and accountable culture at Campo,” said Leadership Equity Council (LEC) member junior Elizabeth Chien.“If anybody wants to reach out to us for suggestions or things that they see on campus that they want to prove they can always come to us.”

“Campo is a really white privileged school,” said Loyet. “… We have a lot of people that are pretty rich, and people that don’t understand what’s happening in the world around us, since we live in such a sheltered community, it’s important that people around us know what’s happening in other parts of the world, and use their privilege for good and use their money to a good cause.”