Student Council Meeting Focuses on Funding and Mini Club Day
Dara Kashayar (he/him), Opinion Editor • January 12, 2022

The Student Council had its 1st meeting of 2022 in Academy on January 7. The meeting went in depth regarding club needs, such as funding and Mini Club Day, as well as revising the Student Council’s Constitution,...

Students Organize Clothing Drive for the Homeless
Ruthie Stoll (she/her), Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

Campolindo students have worked to organize a clothing drive for Camp Hope that started on November 15. Camp Hope is a homeless camp located in Martinez that has provided around 30 unhoused people with...

Carlyle Connects Special Needs Community Through Soccer
Mia Daly (she/her), Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

A volunteer program that works to help special needs children through soccer has been introduced to Campolindo by English teacher Darrion Carlyle, 1st announced to the student body by leadership teacher...

Canned Food Drive Supports Local Food Bank
Erin McDonald (she/her), Staff Writer/Photographer • December 10, 2021

As the semester came to an end, the leadership class organized a canned food drive that ran from November 15 until December 8, in an effort to donate food to the local Contra Costa Food Bank. This year...

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Student-run Cultivate Thinking club teaches 5th-grade students diverse lessons otherwise not taught in school.
Student-Run Club Teaches Young Students Education On Diverse Topics
Claire Birdsey (she/her), Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

The Campolindo student-run Cultivate Thinking Club has a mission to teach elementary school students education around topics generally not taught in schools, such as equity,...

Top Artists to Watch in 2022
Ruthie Stoll (she/her), Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

As 2021 has now come to a close, it’s safe to say that music played an instrumental role in the year. Whether it’s music that gained popularity...

In-person Learning Unscathed by Omicron Surge
Charlotte Medema (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist • January 19, 2022

The recent surge of Omicron cases in America is giving us all March 2020 nostalgia - and not in a good way. In the past month, COVID cases in...

Campolindo Student Aspirations for the New Year
Ruthie Stoll, Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

As the craziness of 2021 has come to a close, the year 2022 is upon us. For many, a reset of the calendar means a restart; a fresh, clean slate...

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Euphoria shows both the beautiful highs and terrifying lows of addiction.
Is HBO's Euphoria Glamorizing Drugs?
Charlotte Medema (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist • January 19, 2022

On Sunday, January 9, the highly acclaimed teen drama Euphoria released the 1st episode of its long-awaited 2nd season. Since its release in June 2019, Euphoria has made a...

Dark Humor Isn't Funny
V Rogers (they/them), Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

Urban Dictionary defines dark humor as “a form of humor involving a twist or joke making the joke seen as offensive, harsh, horrid. Yet the joke is still funny… In a way,...

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Cade Bennett dribbles the ball, preparing to overcome his defense.
Varsity Basketball Crushes Piedmont
Isabelle Katz (she/her) and Raena Chan (she/her) December 13, 2021

The varsity boys basketball team crushed Piedmont High School 64-46 in a home game on November 29, attributing their win to staying focused and strategic plays. “We locked...

Junior Logan Robeson training through COVID at the Elevate basketball facility.
Student Athletes Reflect on COVID Challenges
Owen Ludwig (he/him), Staff Writer • December 10, 2021

With COVID preventing people from meeting in-person with their family, friends, and teams, it made it hard for athletes to train and improve their craft. Athletes have had...

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