Flappy Bird Shot Down

Shea Danforth, Staff Writer

The phone app Flappy Bird has ascended to the top of the Apple store with over 50 million downloads, according to Time magazine. Though popular with students on campus, the app has been recently deleted due to continuous criticism.

The creator of the app, Dong Nguyen, partnered with Vietnam based developer GEARS Studios in order to make this best-selling game.

Flappy Bird is a simple game. The player must guide a bird through gaps in pipes as the bird flies. Every time the player taps the screen, the bird flaps it’s wings, keeping it airborne.

A point is awarded each time the bird flies through a gap. Novice players find it difficult to earn 10 points, while experienced players, like sophomore Wyatt McNeil, have scored in the 200s.

Many students use Flappy Bird as a distraction. Freshman Jacob Westphal said, “It is very disruptive. I often find myself just playing the game in a daze.” Westphal’s high score is 135.

Sophomore Ryan Rossi agrees. “I see kids playing the game in class instead of paying attention,” he said.

Rossi added, “Flappy Bird often distracts me from my homework as well.”

Some individuals have been angered by their inability to achieve a high score on Flappy Bird. In fact, Nguyen has received many hate messages regarding the game. Additionally, many groups on social media websites have been created to protest the game.

On February 8, Nguyen tweeted that in 22 hours, he was going to shut down the game. At first, many doubted him. “I thought it was just a joke,” sophomore Parker Duncan said.

But true to the tweet, the app was deleted from the app store.

However, those who purchased the app and downloaded it prior to the deadline are still able to use it.

“It gives students something to brag about,” Eva Spindler said.

Not only is Flappy Bird the perfect distraction, but it also provides great competition between students. Rossi said, “Personally, the only reason I play is to beat my friends.”

With Flappy Bird deleted from the app store, it is now impossible for new users to acquire it. Although Nguyen was making $50,000 dollars a day from ads, Flappy Bird is no longer for sale.