Aleksandra Markovic

Aleksandra Markovic, Staff Writer

Four days ago, junior Aleksandra Markovic moved to Moraga from her hometown of Belgrade, Serbia, to live with her childhood friend Jovana Durovic.

Durovic, a senior, moved to Moraga 2 years ago for a better public school system and encouraged Aleksandra to join her. Aleksandra undertook a long application process & was accepted.

So far, Aleksandra has enjoyed a greater variety of outdoor activities than were available in Belgrade, and a friendly student body. "I like that people are open minded to getting to know each other," she said.

Journalism, a class not offered in Serbia, appealed to Aleksandra as soon as she saw Campo's course list. She hopes that writing in the English language, with more options for word choice, will allow her to improve her creative writing as well.

Science fiction is Aleksandra's favorite genre. "You can create anything you want just with your mind," she said.

For her year in California, Aleksandra hopes to experience a new type of education and gain new types of friends.

"I knew it was going to be completely different", she said.

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Aleksandra Markovic