Girls’ Swim Pulls Close Win at NCS

In this year’s swimming and diving North Coast Section (NCS) on May 5 through May 7, Campo girls’ swim triumphed pulling a close win against a whopping 44 other teams from across the Bay Area.

Sophomore and varsity swimmer Emilia Barck attributes the close win to “mostly the relays [scoring] us those crucial points.”

She added, “I think the team environment as well as supporting each other really helped us at the meet to pull through and secure our victory…The meet was really fun because the Campo girls won by a little bit.”

Campo girls’ swim relays have been crushing it all season, with sophomores Jasmine Folk, Emilia Barck, Adriana Smith and Maddie Blackwell breaking a pool record in the 400 Free relay earlier in the season.

The team’s high energy kept the swimmers who still had events motivated, and the cheering definitely helped everyone succeed in relays.

“The energy was very strong… We were cheering for each other a lot… Especially because I swim backstroke and it is 1 of the very last events so I got to spend a lot of time cheering for my teammates in the earlier events,” said senior and varsity swimmer Regan Stambaugh.

The Campo swimmers that went to NCS fully enjoyed the meet because of its fast pace, as well as being able to swim and compete with peers in a competitive environment.

“It was still really fun to compete in a meet where there were more teams and it was just super high energy… There were fewer of us but we were still probably 1 of the bigger teams teams there,” said Stambaugh.

She added, “It was super fun to see all of the swim teams from all across the Bay Area at that meet.”

After the swim and dive team crushed it at NCS, a select number of swimmers went to the State championships meet out in Clovis Fresno, which started on May 13.

“The team was not as big there, but it was still really fun and since it was more of a travel meet we go with our friends to hotels… And it was definitely a lot bigger because a ton of other schools were there and it was an even faster swimming environment… It was a super cool experience” said Barck.

Similar to NCS, girls’ swim really shined at the State Championship meet in their relay performance.

“We had some big relays that were also really fun… Even though we didn’t win fully because there were faster teams there… It was still a fun experience and we swam around the same performance wise as in NCS,” added Barck.

Overall, for many of the senior swimmers, getting able to swim in these large meets, as well as training at high intensity practices and normal season meets, have thoroughly prepared them for their next chapters swimming in college.

“Swimming at Campo has definitely prepared me for swim in college in terms of putting my teammates first in front of myself, which is really the most important part of swimming,” said varsity swimmer senior Lauren Healy.