Rookie Coach Leads Girls’ Lacrosse

Nick Johnson and Kuvin Hayer

Current varsity boys soccer coach Shane Carney will take over the head coaching responsibilities previously provided by Jessica Hoffschnider.
“I’m brand new to lacrosse, but there is a lot of correlation to parts of soccer, basketball and hockey. I have played all of those and coached soccer forever, so I think I’ll transition to things fairly quickly. I feel like my coaching style is more focused on overarching concepts and relationships, which will make transitioning easier,” he Carney said.

The team lost 6 starters to graduation, including Lauren Burns and DFAL MVP Mary Hildeburn. Filling their shoes will be seniors Kate Cimino, Lauren Torres and Sophie Hubbell.

“As of right now, the program is much more theirs than it is mine, so I’ll be looking to them to help guide our younger players,” said Carney. “I know that me coming in as the new coach kind of came out of left field, so the most important thing I can do is to build a level of trust between the girls and I and ensure that trust is also built among all of the girls. As hard as I push my teams, I also generally bring a lot of fun to even the hardest days, so I’m hoping the team enjoys playing every day and improving as a group,” said Carney.
“I’m pretty excited,” said sophomore Liv Lago. “There are a lot of new players and I think it will be a fun season. Shane seems pretty cool.”
“It’s really hard to set expectations when I’m coming in new to the program, new to the sport, and haven’t even had tryouts yet, but we’ll be setting out to compete every single game and hopefully get into NCS and see how things progress from there. I keep hearing about how Acalanes and Miramonte have been pretty dominant in girls lacrosse. I had been wondering what sports those schools are actually good at. Now that I’ve figured it out, we’ll definitely be setting out to work on fixing that and getting those 2 schools back to what they’re used to doing – losing,” said Carney.