Transfer Bolsters Volleyball’s Defense


Casey Miller, Editor in Chief

He’s a standout on the court with his distinctive stance. His hair adds an inch and half to his frame. 6 feet and 6 inches of massive blocking power, the player in jersey #2 is the boys’ volley ball team’s defensive stalwart.

Jack Cole, a recent senior transfer from Lafayette’s Bentley School, has helped improve an already strong squad.

Having played for Diablo Valley Volleyball Club since middle school, Cole had known other seniors on the team prior to his transfer, including veteran setter Joe Worsley and outside hitter Michael Standring.

However, Cole came to Campolindo for reasons other than athletics. “[I transferred from Bentley] to save my parents money for college. My sister goes here, and I tried to transfer when I was a junior, but I wasn’t allowed to. I’m not sure about the details. Anyways, you kind of get sick of the same 86 people in your class after a while,” Cole said. His younger sister Josie Cole is a junior at Campolindo.

With 8 years of taekwondo training behind him, having recently quit to focus on volleyball, Cole is a formidable athlete. But for his teammates, the real talent he’s brought to the program is chemistry.

His NCSA [National Collegiate Scouting Association] profile boasts a 8’6″ standing reach, 10’3″ block jump, and 11’4″ approach jump.

The volleyball team at Campolindo is a step up from the level of Cole’s Bentley squad. “It’s not really even a comparison. Pretty much everyone on the Campo team plays club, and just playing club gives you such a massive advantage over people who don’t,” Cole said.

“So there were 3 club players at Bentley, and everyone is a club player at Campo. Everyone was so accommodating, and so welcoming. I knew all the volleyball guys already. I mean, I played with them and against them before.”

Worsley, who has committed to the University of Hawaii for volleyball, knew Cole from their participation with the Pacific Rim club team as a freshman. “He played with us [on PacRim] my freshman year. But I first met him in seventh grade, and didn’t really touch base with him until freshman year. When I played for Diablo, I was really young, and we met on that team. Then he came and played for PacRim,” Worsley said.

“His physical features, like his height, definitely have a huge impact with front row play,” Worsley said. “Hitting and blocking, definitely. He brings that chemistry with the guys on the team. When he gets to start playing, it’ll definitely turn out on the court.”

Senior Michael Standring said, “He’s definitely a good attribute to the team because he’s tall, and he’s definitely going to influence the underclassmen and the juniors and teach them how to play with respect and at a high level.”

Now, Cole manages his time on both a club team and school team, but he’s not the only player with a busy schedule. “I’m currently on Diablo 18’s and I’m actually on a team with Ryan [First], Mikey [Standring], and Yize [Dong]. A lot of hours [with those guys],” Cole explained.

The team is hoping for another North Coast Section [NCS] championship title, especially now that Cole is in the lineup. However, last weekend’s tournament in San Diego was a bit of a set back. Worsley explained, “Our first match was up against the number one team in the country. It was a learning experience. We have another tournament down south in about a month and a half that’s going to be our last competition before going into [NCS] playoffs.”

After being recruited heavily, Cole has decided to attend and play for Pepperdine University next year.

Cole said of his college visit, “The coach [Marv Dunphy] is just an incredible guy, it’s a great school, and I felt very welcome there when I visited. It just felt like the best place for me.