Volleyball Struggles with Passing, Perseveres

Nick Johnson, Staff Writer

Girls’ volleyball won their North Coast Section (NCS) quarter-final game against Petaluma at home on November 16. The team won in 4 sets.

According to captain Natalie Meniktas, it was in important victory in spite of some less than perfect play. “We didn’t play very well, but every win counts,” she said.

Head Coach John Vuong said that the team’s plan was to establish a passing game, but they weren’t as successful as he had hoped. Vuong explained that because the team’s passing game was off, they made more errors and could not employ other aspects of their match strategy like running and setting.

Vuong said the team was lucky that Petaluma was not able to capitalize on Campolindo’s mistakes. “We were very fortunate that Petaluma had not seen this level of competition before,” he said. However, the Cougars were able to take advantage of the mistakes of their opponent. “We struggled a little and we didn’t play our best game. We were able to capitalize even though we didn’t have our ‘A’ game,” Vuong said.

Vuong praised  Petaluma’s efforts. “They played with energy, they played as if they had nothing to lose. They played very aggressively and had a great defense,” he said.

In order to continue their playoff run, Vuong said the team had some work to do. “We need to fix our passing game, bottom line. We need to play solid defense and pass well,” he said.

The coach remains confident. “We have the best program in the area as well as the best athletes in the area,” Vuong said.