Girls’ Polo Advances to NCS Final

Colette Wright, Design Editor

The varsity girls’ water polo team prevailed over Acalanes in the North Coast Sectionals (NCS) semifinals on November 13. With the 9-4 win, Campolindo advanced to NCS finals against Miramonte High School on November 16.

Head coach Kim Everest referred to Acalanes as Campolindo’s “biggest rival.”

Acalanes scored first in the opening minutes of the 1st quarter. The quarter ended with the score 2-1 in favor of the Dons.“We knew tonight would be a battle. Anything that happens during regular season doesn’t matter once NCS starts,” said Everest. “We knew it was going to be a 4 quarter game and we reinforced that every time out and quarter break.”

“It was a close game. At the begging, I was in the zone, thinking, ‘I need to get the team together.’ I helped the team push ahead. I wanted to be the one to shoot and score to help the team. I was intense and focused,” said center Natalie Seidemann.

Seidemann worked the center of the pool, at the center of an “umbrella” formation. Her teammates looked to set her up for a shot on goal.

During the second quarter, no goals were scored by either team.

“We played strong, and our opponents played strong too. I wasn’t mad at half time even though the scores were close,” said goalie Maddie Tagg. “The goalie can’t play offense. I am the main person on defense. I need to attack the ball and I can’t be laid back,” added Tagg.

Physical Education teacher Chirs Walsh refers to Tagg as the “Iron Curtain.”

The 3rd quarter was when the pace of the game picked up. “The team executed the game plan flawlessly in the 2 half, and as a result, we came out on top,” said Everest. By the end of the quarter, the score was 5-2.

Campolindo hasn’t lost to Acalanes in eight years.

“This team has continued to maintain team 1 self-last philosophy. Every member dedicates 100% at practice,” said Everest.

“We do team building. The team has a retreat to get to know each other to learn how we work in the water. The team is like a puzzle, we need to know where to put the players,” said Seidemann. “My favorite part of being on the team is being able to see the girls every day. They are there with you,” said Tagg.

“I feel emotional about the season. There is an incredible group of young woman. The team is passionate and spirited; they challenge each other and myself every day. Together, we embraced the adventure ahead. The best part of all of this is that we are truly family,” said Everest.