Teacher-Coaches Sacrifice Time, Build Relationships

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

You’d think with all the preparation, lesson plans, grading, and extra hours teachers put in, they’d have little time leftover to do anything else. Multiple Campo teachers, however, have opted to donate much of what little free time they have left to coaching various sports teams.

A few examples include cross country and track coach Chuck Woolridge, baseball coach Max Luckhurst, football coach Kevin Macy, tennis coach Petro Petreas, and wrestling coach Tom Renno.

Juggling multiple responsibilities is daunting.

Renno, who wears 3 hats as wrestling coach, social studies teacher, and Athletic Director, confirms this. “It’s a big time commitment,” Renno said. “There’s a lot of work, a lot of things to do to make sure that our sports programs here run effectively and efficiently. There are a lot of different sporting events going on, so you do have to plan out your time well to be able to try to make as many events as possible.”

Petreas feels the same way about his commitments to coaching boys’ Varsity Tennis and teaching math. “There’s times that I have to miss class because of tennis obligations and I have less time to prepare and grade because I have to spend all this time doing tennis stuff.”

Even though they sacrifice time, teachers like Petreas find that they gain more than they lose when they dedicate themselves to serving students.

Renno is one such teacher who finds the trade-off  rewarding. What Renno enjoys most is getting to “see students in a different light” on the mat which, he said, “provides a different perspective that you don’t see necessarily as a teacher.”

“You definitely talk to them in different ways and get to know them better, strictly because of the numbers. I mean, it’s an 18:1 ratio as opposed to a 30:1 ratio,” explained Petreas/

“You get to see a second side of them that you wouldn’t have in the other situation,” Petreas added,” so it’s cool to bring the 2 together and see both sides of them.”