Young Softball Talents Make College Commitments


Danielle Thomas at bat.

Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

Although seniors are usually the ones choosing colleges this time of year, 2 underclassmen have recently verbally committed to playing collegiate softball. Freshman Zoe Marrott and sophomore Danielle Thomas will play for Arizona State University (ASU) and Boston College, respectively.

Campo varsity softball coach Joe Long appreciates Marrott and Thomas’ talent. “They are 2 of the best young varsity players that I have ever seen,” said Long. “They’re good at everything. There’s not a skill they don’t have.”

Marrott has played softball for 4 years. She plays 3rd base, but sometimes 2nd. ASU watched Marrott at 15 of her games before they made an offer to her on December 30th, including a full scholarship. “It’s kind of shocking that it happened, and I wasn’t expecting it,” Marrott said.

She decided to commit to ASU because the coaches are family-oriented. She said, “It’s a really good softball program, and I’m hoping to go to Barrett Honors.” Barrett Honors is a college within ASU.

Marrott has already visited ASU. She attended 2 softball camps held at the campus in November and December 2012.

Thomas has played softball for last 3 years. She had played baseball and t-ball since she was 6. Thomas is a middle infielder. Boston College first showed interest in her at the end of last summer, according to Thomas. She said that current softball players at Boston College convinced her to commit. “I talked to some of the players on the team. They told me all about how the coach cares about the players,” she said.

Since these are verbal commitments, either athlete could still decide not to go to their respective college choices. Changes in the athlete’s grades, or changes in the college coaching staffs are also factors that could change an athlete’s acceptance to a program. However, both athletes currently plan to honor their verbal commitment.

“It feels good,” Thomas said. “It means I don’t have to stress about picking a college.”