Golf, Baseball Slogging through Soggy Season

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Due to unusually late rains that have hit Moraga this Spring season, many sports teams have seen their schedules affected in a negative way. The cancellations of many games and events have not only played a major role in shaping the team’s outcomes for the season, but have also heavily affected the mindsets of the players as well.

The golf team, which practices and holds their matches at the Moraga Country Club, has been hit hardest by the unusually late rain this season. The annual One Club tournament, a major event for the golf team, was canceled in mid-April. “It was a real bummer because we bought a trophy and everything for our One Club tournament, and now that we have had to cancel it, who knows when we will be able to make it up,” said Assistant Coach Frank Coon.

“Early on, the weather wasn’t too bad,” explained boys’ head golf coach Steve Robinson. “However, lately we have had to reschedule many of our matches due to this weather. It’s really a bummer because a lot of times we can’t reschedule a match due to conflicts and the match eventually ends up going unplayed. It really shortens our season,” Robinson continued.

The Tennis team’s schedule has taken a major hit by the rain as well, according to Men’s Varsity Head Coach Petro Petreas. “We’ve had to reschedule many of our matches this year,” Petreas said. “The rain caused us to have to make up our toughest match of the year, against our rival Miramonte, and we were tired and worn out and therefore lost. It was a real bummer,” Petreas continued. According to Petreas, one of their matches that was scheduled against Berkeley ended up not even being played entirely due to continuous weather cancellations.

Surprisingly, the baseball team’s play hasn’t been affected as much. According to head coach Max Luckhurst, the team is only one game behind schedule. “Unfortunately, our makeup game that we scheduled may be rained out too,” he said.

The biggest problem for the defending NCS baseball champions has been the condition of their home field. “The field is in really bad shape,” explained infielder and sophomore Denis Karas. “I think we have held more practices up on the astro-turf instead of the baseball field this year,” he said. “We have to schedule a lot of our games on the road just knowing that this field won’t be playable,” Luckhurst added.

The weather has also been a mental challenge for the team. “Uncertainty of when you are going to play is always an issue,” stated Luckhurst. “That is the biggest thing my players have to deal with,” he said. Petreas has also noticed the affect that the weather has had on his players. “Its tough to mentally prepare for a match and then have it be postponed for a few days. That definitely affects the mindsets of the players going into the match,” concluded Petreas.