Town Council Issues Proclamations Recognizing Fall Sports


Nikki Honda, Staff Writer

The varsity football and boys’ and girls’ cross country teams were acknowledged for their North Coast Section titles on Wednesday, February 2nd, at the Town of Moraga council meeting.

The Moraga Town Council, consisting of five elected members, honored these teams and their achievements by dedicating the date to each team for posterity.

The football team finished the year 14-1, despite predictions casting them as the underdogs. Their streak ended at the hands of Washington Union in the state championship game.

Athletes assembled in the auditorium at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School and received certificates commemorating the proclamations. Varsity cross country runners Carrie Verdon and Thomas Joyce were recognized for their individual section titles as well.

Verdon said, “It’s really exciting that you get to be honored with your team and share the success together, which is really fun.”

A similar proclamation was made last year to honor the cross country, volleyball, and water polo teams.