Seniors Lead Undefeated Wrestling Squad


Jacob Ngai, Staff Writer

Wrestling remains undefeated with an eye on the North Coast Section title, in large part, due to impressive senior contributions.

“The varsity team is doing really well, we have a great group of senior leaders like Chris Wellbrook, Wesley Caspillo, and Alex Mirante.  They are working really hard,” said wrestling coach and social studies teacher Tom Renno.

In addition to support from these seniors, as well as from Renno and head coach Bob Mclaughlin, two new coaches, Philippe Paridis and Achim Albrect, have proven vital to the team’s success. Paridis is a sports psychologist who helps the team mentally prepare for matches while Albrect is a conditioning coach.

“I expect that the team will work hard and we will do our best to compete. We have a really good shot at getting the league title and going to North Coast and doing really well,” said Renno.

Senior Connor Murray, with an individual record of 4-2, was set to wrestle at the 132 pound weight class before being diagnosed with ringworm on his leg the day before. Fortunately, Senior Daniel Ingersol took his place and pinned his opponent with a brilliant three-quarter stack in the third period.

“We did well at our tournament yesterday, and although no one got first, both Chris Wellbrook and Alex Mirante got second place and Eric Oeth and Daniel Ingersol got a very respectable fourth place,” said Murray.

“We have the potential, but it depends on how hard we work and push each other to reach the next level,” said Wellbrook. An experienced martial artist, Wellbrook leads the team with an individual record of 4-0.

“Wrestlng is a good sport and I wanted to try it out to test out my strength and get bigger and stronger,” said Varsity member, Junior Mark Monasevitch.

Murray is quick to credit the coaching staff for the squad’s success. “Bob McGlaughlin, is an amazing coach. He pushes us to do our best all the time he makes us strive for excellence every day and will not take no for an answer. Tommy Renno is very patient and will wander the mats while we’re wrestling to give us tips on how to improve our technique. Our team has never been so well conditioned in my four years at Campo,” said Murray.

“They are the most inspirational people ever, especially Coach Renno. They keep the athletes strait and they are there supporting us. Mr. Renno is a beast!” said Wellbrook.