Polo Season Success in spite of NCS Loss

Maya Harlev, Lifestyle Editor

Acalanes ended the boys’ water polo post season on the Cougars’ own turf at last week’s quarter finals match in the Soda Aquatic Center.

Although the boys’ did not advance through to the NCS semifinals, the addition of new coaches helped make the fall season a good one.

“Compared to last year, this season is a lot better, and more fun,” said starting goalie, junior Weston Gillbanks. “Its more relaxed, and the coaches know the sport better.”

Senior Tor Jensen agreed, “We had new coaches this year who were really positive and brought up the team’s confidence.”

The final score of November 8th’s quarterfinal match was 20-10, Acalanes. “We weren’t expected to win,” said Gillbanks. “Acalanes is good and we lost to them before.”

Jensen said the insurmountable damage happened in the second quarter, when “we lost Grant Sivedsin. He has a huge role on our team. He is one of our best players.”