Freshmen Fortify Soccer’s Title Hopes

Casey Miller, Staff Writer

With a pair of exceptional brothers, six new freshman recruits, and a united team mentality, boys’ soccer is hoping to match its section title success of a year ago.

Left forward Jeremy Raine is one of the new freshman players.  He is also the brother of team captain Harlan Raine.  Fortunately, they work together well.  Jeremy said, “It’s fun to be on the same team.”

The six freshman on the team include Raine, Michael Samaniego, Matteo Notini, Ryan Donat, Preston Kilwien, and Seth Kofman.  Many of the boys have been on each other’s teams in the past, through club soccer or Lafayette Moraga Youth Association (LMYA).  Raine explained, “I knew Michael, Ryan, Matteo, and Preston from other teams before we all made the Campo team.”

The team has been preparing for upcoming games with rigorous conditioning.  “We’ve been doing a lot of running for the past three weeks, working to get in shape for games,” Raine explained.

“Everyone’s talented,” Samaniego said.  “Ryan Donat is the best freshman so far.  The Pilano twins are really good.  We’re all good this year.”