Anticipated PE Swim Unit Returns Post-Covid


Elliot Frick

Picture of the pool at Soda Center where the freshmen will have their swim unit.

After a three year pause, the class of 2026 is set to be the first class to resume the Physical Education (PE) 9 swimming unit after most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. While it was planned to happen the week of April 17, the unit has been temporarily delayed due to a broken heater in the pool students would be using. Despite the delay, the new start date is currently May 9. There have been rumors that the pool heater will not arrive until late May, when the school year is already over, so there is a small chance that this year’s freshman might not participate in this unit after all.

Throughout the swim unit, Campo freshmen will learn how to tread water, swim laps in freestyle and backstroke, and learn about the signs of distress and drowsiness while in the water. The unit is meant to include all levels of swimmers. Beginners will be paired with advanced swimmers and flotation devices will be provided.

The swim unit will happen throughout the day as different periods take P.E., meaning that P.E. students will be changing in and out of their swimsuits throughout the day.

Freshman Kai Iwasaki said, “I understand why they would do it for safety reasons, but it could definitely be changed and improved…I’m not super excited for it and I would prefer not having a swim unit but in general I don’t think it should be too bad.”

Freshman Luca Potts added, “I think it seems fun, and since it’s hot out it’ll be good, but I think that we should do more fun things than just sit in the pool and have to do laps.”

While certain students like Iwasaki might enjoy taking a swim during the school day, some Campo freshmen have voiced against it. Freshman Sophie Tang says, “At the beginning I was super excited, but the more it has been delayed, I’ve realized that I don’t want to swim again, especially since I have swim practice after school…I don’t want to swim twice a day.”

Freshman Lucy Kao, another Campo swimmer, also agrees to cancel the unit: “I think the P.E. teachers are a little unaware of the situation of the pool right now, as the pool heater has been broken for a couple months…I don’t know why this is a recent revelation for them, but I think we should move on to our next unit.”

P.E. 9 teacher, Coach Adams, has said that she was not informed about the broken pool heater until the week before the unit had started, and is not aware of when the heater is planning on arriving.

While students await the start of their swim unit they have been participating in other activities, such as street hockey, basketball and ping pong in the big gym.