Key Club’s Sucessful Quad Garage Sale

Campolindo’s Key Club hosted a garage sale in the quad at Campo on March 25 and March 26. The Key Club does “various service projects and events to benefit charities,” said Key Club’s Fundraiser Coordinator sophomore Chloe Cheung. The club is an “awesome community that goes out and finds volunteer opportunities with different organizations,” says member freshman Sophie Tang.

In this particular event, the Key Club was raising money for the Pediatric Trauma Program, or PTP. The PTP is an “organization to a coalition of doctors to help provide kids with medical services,” said junior Suraya Mathai. The PTP aims to reduce the effect of trauma on children, providing services that allow them to live happy, healthy, and safe lives.

At the garage sale, there were many different items for sale. “We’ve got clothes, we’ve got toys, home decor, art. We’ve even got baked goods and live music from [sophomore] Michael Bower’s Live Music Club,” Cheung illustrates. There were also books, clocks, mirrors, and bags at the sale.

The bake sale was on the second day of the garage sale. The bake sale was there to raise money for Campo’s Fundraise for the Homeless club, a club separate from Key Club. The Fundraise for the Homeless Club’s presence at the garage sale was largely due to Mathai, who is the president of Fundraise for the Homeless and vice president of Key Club. The bake sale was selling cookies, brownies, chocolate muffins, and coffee cake all for $1, as well as chocolate cake for $2.

To obtain the items that would be sold at the garage sale, the Key Club “ran a donation drive for a couple of weeks where [they] would send out messages on Nextdoor and Patch” said Mathai. The donations were from people in the Lamorinda community. Over three weeks they collected items and stored them in a central location before the sale. Key Club President junior Nina Damiano stated that Key Club “stopped collecting on Friday,” the 24th, the day before the garage sale.

This is the first time Key Club has done this garage sale event, and they didn’t have a goal for the amount of money they wanted to collect. However, many of the members at the event, including Damiano, believed that “it’s been pretty successful” and would love to hold the event again. Cheung adds that she was “really grateful for all the donations and buyers who supported the Campo Key Club.”

Many of the people who are in Key Club sincerely recommend participating in it, “not only for something to put in your college resume,” says Tang. “It’s fun getting to meet new people in your club and learn more about Key Club as a community” she adds. While Key Club does look good on college applications, it is also a great way to build friendships, learn life skills, help the community, and find a fun and supportive group of people on campus.