Rubey Welcomed as Admin into Campo Community


Sebastian Whitfield (he/him)

Brent Rubey stands outside his office.

Brent Rubey joined the Campo administration at the start of the 2022-23 school year, taking on the position of Assistant Principal. Rubey previously taught chemistry for a semester on campus before assuming his new role.

Before coming to Campolindo, Rubey taught various science courses at schools in Lake Tahoe and Marin, and also at Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley.

Rubey feels his transition from being a teacher to being part of administration has been significant, but also manageable. Rubey related his job as Assistant Principal to his former experience teaching chemistry. “Being an admin every day is like a lab day. You start by making a prediction. You put together some different pieces, you run an experiment and you learn from the results. It’s not always what you expect.”

Overall, Rubey has had a positive experience being part of the administration and the Campolindo community in general. He said the atmosphere is “positive, friendly, [and] ambitious,” and that Campo is a place that fosters “high levels of achievement.” Further, he stated that teachers, the parent community, and students were all “super welcoming” from the very start.

Students, in return, have reacted positively to the addition of Rubey to the campus and administration. Senior Anneliese McKenzie noted his “high energy” and “effort to make connections with students.” McKenzie has been working closely with Rubey on the Leadership Sustainability Board, and thinks he is effective at implementing change.

For example, McKenzie recalled that after “having meetings about how [the board] can make the campus more sustainable,” Rubey ensured they were able to start “[aerating] the grass.” This process creates holes in the soil so nutrients and water can reach the roots. Several small steps like this can have a big impact over time, McKenzie said, and this will be noticed by the student body. Rubey’s efforts create a more “active administration,” which is greatly appreciated because “for a long time…it’s been really hard to connect with the admin,” McKenzie said.

Other students also find Rubey to be personable, kind, and caring. According to senior Shane O’Reilly, “The 1st time I met him, he was full of energy and captivating. He is a really good role model for some kids at the school.”

Junior Molly Dougherty likewise noted the spirited attitude that Rubey brings to campus. “He cheers with us and doesn’t hold us back from expressing our school spirit,” Dougherty said. “He brings a smile to many students’ faces and sends good vibes out to the campus.”

Associate Principal Vanessa Knight also sees Rubey as a positive asset for Campolindo. According to Knight, “[Rubey] supports the presentation of information and communicates important information and updates to the school community… He will likely contribute [to] the organizing of systems and procedures for the school.” Knight has confidence that Rubey will be beneficial to the campus, noting that “[his] years of teaching experience will be helpful when having curricular discussions to plan for the school’s academic goals and success.”