Leadership Expands to 2 Periods

This school year Leadership has expanded into 2 periods, allowing for double the amount of students to be in Leadership, boosting inclusivity, new innovative ideas, and allowing for Leadership to take on more projects for the student body.

Senior and ASB president Marissa Castillo said, “I think more work is being done. 5th period traditionally has been very overwhelming with trying to accomplish all of its goals and all of these activities, and it’s been so helpful to have 4th period generating all these new ideas… and new people from all around campus are able to join and contribute their ideas. And I feel like we have more representation of campus now that there are 2 periods instead of the 1 period before.”

Commissioner of Student Affairs senior Bella Montero said, “A lot more work is getting done because there’s a lot of people with a lot of innovative ideas that they’re bringing into the class and so I think a lot more work is getting done now because we have figured out the hang of things.”

Inclusivity is something that Leadership strives for, and with this addition, even more students from all around campus will be included and will be able to represent their school. Now, Leadership is around 70 people strong, allowing for almost 30 more students to be a part of the program.

Restorative Justice Committee member junior Casey Chew said, “I feel that there is a lot more productive work on equality being done with 2 periods, and as a result there is more equality.”

Leadership adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe said, “What I really like is having more students involved in Leadership. It’s a great program for everybody to have the opportunity to make real change on their campus. The fact that we have 2 periods means twice as many students have the opportunity. So that part I definitely like.”

Webb-Peploe then added, “We are doing more of the ideas that previous students had or I have had, we just didn’t have the capacity for it. And now we’re actually getting to them.”