Frost Joins World Language Department

Alicia Frost is the newest addition to the World Language Department, teaching Spanish 1 and 2, as well as replacing long time Spanish teacher Lola Danielli.

Previously, Frost taught at a performing art school as the only Spanish teacher at the school. She is excited to join a department and community of language teachers at Campo, which is something that she was missing from her previous school. “I, personally, was missing having a team. At my old school I was the solo Spanish teacher,” said Frost.

Frost learned to speak Spanish when she was in the 7th grade and continued learning the language throughout her high school and college years. Her Spanish learning experience impacted her unique teaching style. “I think what students appreciate is that I learned Spanish from scratch myself,” said Frost.

Frost enjoys teaching Spanish because “the student energy is different, so it’s just learning. Each class has energy and it is different working with each of them, but that’s part of the fun.”

Frost’s students appreciate her helpful and informative teaching style, as well as her personality.

“She’s been very fair and makes [Spanish] simple and easy to learn and [is] good at answering questions,” said junior Baron Walsh. He added, “She’s been really kind and she’s helped explain Spanish in a way I’ve never been explained [to] before.”

In reference to her informative and clear teaching style, Walsh said Frost helped him have “a deeper understanding of conjugations and [similar verbs like] ‘Ser vs. Estar’ because last year [he] struggled with that.”

Sophomore Cooper Chang concurred with Walsh, “I’m definitely lucky to have [Frost] as my teacher. She has been very kind and helpful, always there for students, always making sure we know what’s going on and what’s due.”

He added, “She’s just a really nice person and she carries that into the classroom. She does a nice job of connecting with students and making sure that we’re all having a good time and are in our best learning environment.”

In her 1st month of teaching, Frost said her favorite part of teaching at Campo has been “the positive climate and the collaborative energy.”

For the 2022-2023 school year, Frost’s goal is to “enjoy the various activities that are on campus and learn more about what makes the campus special.”