Tailgate Heightens Experience at Football Games

Campolindo students got together at Bob Wilson Stadium for a tailgate before this season’s 1st home football game on August 26 to show their support for the team and school.

After a full week of Spirit Week activities on campus, and the 1st raucous rally of the year in the gym, students were eager to show out for the tailgate before Friday’s game.

“The goal of our tailgates is to get everyone together before a big football game and bond with each other by showing off our school spirit by putting on face paint, tattoos, and red,” said senior Anna Dendinger, Leadership’s Commissioner of Sports and Activities.

The event met that goal, Dendinger felt, as students were socializing and having a good time throughout the tailgate.

Many Campolindo juniors and seniors competed in friendly games of cornhole, while red-clad students of all grades, officially known as the “Red Sea”, applied face paint and temporary tattoos to fans as they entered the stadium. In the back right of the concourse, hungry students waited anxiously in line for a chance to get some cotton candy.

“When you are all covered in red and have already been bonding with other people in the student section, the tailgate brings an extra level of fun and energy to the game not only for yourself, but for everyone attending,” said junior Logan Raymond, who was new to Campo tailgating. “I would recommend to anyone who wants to elevate their experience for the next big football game, go to the tailgate!”