Newborn Kittens Found on Track During PE Class

The kittens were born on Campo’s campus.

6 black kittens with blue eyes were found inside a box on the Bob Wilson track on April 13 next to the restrooms. PE teacher Alison Adams’ 6th period class was on the track at the time the kittens were found and were able to hold them.

Freshman Nola Coane, a spectator when the cats were found, said she was very surprised: “I wouldn’t [have thought that] I would see cats during PE class. I was happy because I was like, ‘Oh they’re so cute.’”

Sofia Rose, another freshman in the PE class, said her 1st reaction to the kittens was “‘where did they come from?’ and ‘They’re really cute…I want to hold 1.’”

Rose said that the best thing about meeting the kittens was “getting to hold them and see how cute they are.”

Kim Miller, the campus supervisor, said that a group of moms came to gather items for the upcoming senior activities and “they heard something moving in 1 of the boxes and found the kittens,” Miller said.

Walking up to the football field, Miller was informed by a group of freshmen that kittens were found. “I told the students we were happy they were found, we had been looking for them.”

Miller said, “The students were very concerned about the babies. I assured them I had a rescue group that would take care of [the] mommy and her babies.”

After gathering all the kittens and putting them back into the box they were born in, Miller waited for the kittens’ mother to return. Al, a local resident, has been feeding the Campo cats daily and named the mother cat “Squeaky.” Squeaky came to Al that night to get food, so it is known that she’ll continue to care for her kittens.

“I check on the kittens regularly to make sure [their mother] is feeding them. All 6 kittens are well cared for by [their] mom,” said Miller. Al, Miller, and administrative assistant Melissa Haldeman have been feeding Squeaky 2-3 times a day.

Miller added, “We reached out to Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C), a local community rescue group for cats that have been left behind, dumped, or born a stray. They are guiding us on how to care for the babies.”

CC4C has decided that the kittens will be best left with their mom for now, as kittens usually nurse for 4-5 weeks. When it gets to the end of that time, the kittens and their mom will be taken to the vet for a check-up. “The goal is to get the kittens and [their] mom adopted into good homes,” said Miller, adding that “CC4C would like to see Squeaky and her kittens become indoor cats.”