Clubs, Electives Gain Traction at Mini Club Day


Grace Kelly

Collage of the different clubs available at Campo.

Motivated by ASB Commissioner of Student Affairs senior Adriana Colon, leadership hosted a Mini Club Day in the quad on February 16. This event provided old and new clubs alike with the opportunity to recruit new members and spread awareness of their organization.

This event is a mid-year version of the annual Club Day that is held at the beginning of each year, usually featuring at least 90 different clubs. Mini Club Day, however, only showcases about a third of the clubs that participated at the beginning of the year.

Colon said, “Clubs are a big backbone of the school, even though a lot of people are unaware of what clubs the school offers. That’s the purpose of Club Day, and its respective Mini Club Day, to give underclassmen that are unaware of certain clubs to experience what we have to offer.”

The clubs that participate in Mini Club Day are typically clubs that either want more participation, or are more active in the spring season. Colon explained, “We don’t have our academic clubs participating, like Academic Decathlon, because they already have their team.”

38 clubs participated in this year’s Mini Club Day, including Leadership Equity Council, Self Defense Club, and Key Club.

This 2nd club day was very successful, and most clubs gained at least 3 to 10 new members. Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe said, “As long as our clubs have a functioning core group, they can be really effective. It’s just a process, finding those right people, which is what these events try to help with.”

Students enjoyed this event as well and “enjoyed having the opportunity to join or look at clubs now that I know my schedule and my interests more”, said junior Amanda Moe.