Santellan Added to Campo Counseling Staff


Sophia Lohman

New counselor at Campolindo!

Campolindo hired a new counselor, Cassie Santellan, for students with the last names starting from S to Z on January 18. She replaced Judas Ochoa, who was the previous counselor since fall 2020.

Previously, Santellan worked at James Logan High School in Union City, but ultimately was drawn to Campolindo for the “positive aspects of the school community.”

Santellan originally was interested in counseling because of her high school experience. “I didn’t really have counselors that were very present when I was in high school, so that’s one of the biggest reasons that [inspired me to go] into this field because I wanted to make sure that I was supporting the students and looking for those who don’t always ask for help,” said Santellan.

Santellan has focused on looking out for students who need support at her previous school and plans on continuing to do that at Campolindo. “I try to target students who just need a little more academic and emotional support so I can bring them into my office and make sure that I give them all the resources that they need.”

Attendance Technician Stephanie Sliwinski has noticed the positive attitude Santellan has brought to the campus and said, “…she is very kind. [Santellan] seems like she’ll be a great fit for [Campolindo] and she seems friendly and enthusiastic. I like her and [I’m excited because] she’s going to be my daughter’s counselor.”

Santellan has appreciated the warm welcome from Campolindo students and staff. “I’m getting to know everybody and the staff has been super welcoming. Leadership made me a cute sign and [I’m enjoying] getting to know the students and the staff a lot more,” she said.

Sliwinski is excited to see what Santellan adds to the counseling staff and said, “I think she could bring us some of her experience having worked in James Logan High School. I think she has a wealth of knowledge to share with us.”

Santellan enjoys listening to podcasts outside of school as well as binge-watching TV shows, especially ones that are crime related.

Freshman Keira Verprauskus, 1 of the students under Santellan, expressed excitement to get to know her. “I think she will bring good energy because she seems very positive,” she said.

Santellan’s initial advice to students is to choose activities and classes that they are passionate about. “I think whatever it is that you’re doing in school or outside of school, really make sure it’s something worth putting your time and effort into not only here but also in the long run. High school is just a little fraction of your life and there’s just so much more you’re gonna end up exploring and getting to in the future.”