Canned Food Drive Supports Local Food Bank


Ali Montee

Senior Grace Doane and junior Alvaro Ledezma coming to collect donations from 5th-period class to support the Canned Food Drive.

As the semester came to an end, the leadership class organized a canned food drive that ran from November 15 until December 8, in an effort to donate food to the local Contra Costa Food Bank.

This year students have taken initiative and contributed to this cause, with leadership collecting over $800 on the 1st day. Leadership teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe suspected that this year will earn the highest number of cans yet and said, “People have been so generous thus far, so I am hoping [it will be] bigger [than previous years].”

Campolindo leadership hoped that every class would at least donate over 100 cans, but most classes significantly exceeded that threshold.

Leadership student junior Alvaro Ledezma said, “I think [the drive] helps a lot. Now with the whole Covid situation, all families have been going through tough times, such as layoffs or losing their main source of income, so being able to find a way to put food on the table for them and their kids is really important.”

The goal for cans this year was around 20,000, which seemed feasible due to the large turnout in the 1st week. This drive is Leadership’s biggest fundraiser throughout the entire year so everyone is very excited to be participating and donating to this cause.

Leadership student senior Grace Doane said, “My personal goals were just to make Thanksgiving more of a celebration rather than a day where people have to worry about getting fed or having the right supplies. It’s just nice to have it be a worry free day for the people that need it.”

Webb-People enjoyed putting on this canned food drive because it was “a good bonding experience.”

At the end, a total of 55,488 cans were collected.