DNI Group Gets New Lead

After the creation of the Parents Diversity and Inclusion Group (DNI) this past year by Ellide Smith, Anne Naffziger and Robert Schwartz are stepping up to become next year’s co-chairs of the group.

Smith, Naffziger, and Schwartz came together to issue responses to the interview.

The group stated that their main accomplishment of the year was that the “parent community came together to acknowledge there is work to be done at Campo” in regards to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Campolindo’s DNI group has specifically rewritten the school’s mission statement, created an athletic code of conduct which was extended to the entire district, and pushed for funding for a permanent Director for Student Success, Equity, and Inclusion.

Looking towards the future, the group hopes to “expand involvement,” and “see a place for [all] to have their voices heard” while exploring intersectionality.

While initially there were many parents in the group, they have “ended up with a smaller, but highly committed group who are deeply committed to this work” and others have been “giving money, participating in the parent’s education and book discussions, [and] talking to their kids.” Smith, Naffziger, and Schwartz said that “parents do not have to actively participate in our meetings in order to make an impact.”
The parent’s group has been working with Campolindo Faculty in order to “build trust and a collaborative relationship” as the group “advocate[s] for DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) advancements in our curriculum.”
Given that the group started in the midst of COVID, they said “That’s all we know. This was our first year. We’re going to start having in person meetings as well as some on-line this coming year. We’ve never met in person, which has been challenging in creating our community, but we have made it work. With that said, we’re really looking forward to more in person engagement in the year ahead.”