Peer Mentoring Commences Over Zoom

Peer tutoring has commenced over Zoom for students who need help in their classes. Peer tutoring is a program where any students who need extra help in their classes can receive it from other students called peer tutors. Students can get help with schoolwork, general studying, or test prep.

According to Peer Tutoring Program Advisor Lauren Henson, Peer Tutoring is offered every week during Academy.

“For the past 2 years, I have heard tremendous praise for the peer tutors, as they are able to explain and help in a much more focused way than a crowded Academy in a teacher’s room. If students are struggling in a class (or even want another person’s advice and/or help), peer tutoring is a great place to go to get help and/or advice,” said Henson.

According to peer tutor junior Angelica Warren, “Peer tutoring is 100% [beneficial] to student participants because they pair students with one who is advanced and understands the cirrculiam very well and pairs that student up with the one who needs help.”

Peer mentoring is overall a positive experience for most everyone involved. The peer mentors say they get a lot out of it too. “I think peer tutoring benefits both the mentors and the participants. I know that it can be difficult to wake up early and come to an Academy, but it really is worth it to sign up and get your questions answered,” said peer tutor junior Megan Mitchell, who also mentioned that it was a good opportunity for peer mentors to improve themselves.

Students wishing to attend Peer Tutoring can sign-up for it on TeachMore. La Puma recommends that any students who need help with their classes, or have further questions, contact Mrs. Henson to try out the Peer Tutoring Academy. ([email protected])